Learning Pilates with Dorita has been a brilliant experience. My problem is mainly chronic lower back and neck pain, through scoliosis since my teens and living at my desk. Other disciplines (yoga, gym, stretching) seemed to have lost their impact at this stage, and I was concerned that at age 50+ I might run out of options to address the problems. But Dorita's training has put new muscles to work and managed to improve my posture, flexibility and body awareness. Already after a few weeks the lower back pain has decreased a lot, reversing the trend of the last decade. Part of her magic is an excellent understanding of the body (and its misalignments), and the selection of the most suitable exercises for each specific case. And whilst she injects discipline and energy in her lessons, her classes are also much fun. Wholeheartedly recommended!
Bernd Filsinger
An amazing Pilates Instructor, who is passionate and inspirational both in class sessions and in the private ones! Dorita helped me understand both my body's weaknesses and strengths and made it easy for me to set a plan and work upon it! She immediately grasps any particular problems and her easygoing style along with her enthusiasm makes you keen on working systematically with your body. Dorita explains in a very clear and steady way the important role of the core and the muscles and describes the various stages of the exercises very clearly with patience. An instructor that combines professional and kind manners and makes Pilates so much fun.
Popi Kyriakopoulou
Dorita is very upbeat, positive and personable and always starts her lessons with a huge smile on her face, which means you know the next hour is going to be enjoyable and rewarding! She is very passionate about what she does and it translates into her meticulous but fun teaching. I was lucky enough to have a private class with Dorita recently and she was very astute to my body and gave me a wealth of tips to improve my positioning, and we had fun! A week now feels incomplete without Pilates with Dorita! Since practising Pilates I have become more aware of my body and have definitely improved my Technique. Pilates with Dorita has made me a lot stronger and more toned, which has had knock-on benefits to my running - I have had far fewer running injuries since starting Pilates! All-round my body feels in much better shape (I'm even a little more flexible!) and I hope to keep it that way and keep on practising Pilates for many years to come! It has also helped me unwind at the end of often stressful days in the office, meaning I don't take the work stresses home with me! I would highly recommend Pilates with Dorita to everyone!!
Katy Norman