Motivate your employees today! Offer Pilates in the office to increase productivity, reduce stress level and reduce sick days. Ensure the wellbeing of your staff.

Reduce commuting time to achieve your goals. You do not need to spend extra time to go at the gym after a long day working. Pilates can come to you

Come for matwork or reformer Pilates session at Dorita’s fully equipped Pilates room. You will work out in a peaceful environment using small equipment.

Corporate Pilates at White & Case

Pilates in the office before work, lunchtime and after work.

Reformer Pilates – in Studio

Give another dimension to Pilates. “Back rowing – Palms back”

Pilates for Children

Teaching kids the Pilates secrets. New generation – better generation.

Group class at I Love Pilates. 

Teaching a group class at I Love Pilates is always a pleasure.